Expanding Your Usage of Salesforce Beyond Purely Sales/CRM

by Pete DeSio

Posted on Nov 11, 2022

In light of the increasing data generation, businesses require a platform to assist them in making effective use of customer data. One such CRM platform that has been used by companies of all sizes and operating in all market segments is Salesforce. But companies that use Salesforce are not restricted to using the platform only for Sales. There are other, less obvious, ways for businesses to benefit from what the CRM platform has to offer.

Track Your Hiring Process with Salesforce With the use of different hiring and recruitment add-ons, Salesforce can be transformed into a full-service tool that can be used to help your recuriting department hire more employees easier. An integrated solution can assist you in keeping more of the momentum created by your applicant by facilitating the transition from prospect to employee and removing barriers that often arise during the hiring process.
You can optimize your hiring through your current employees and their social connections by tracking their referrals on the CRM platform. Some solutions will even help with the creation of automatic emails, tracking of applicants, and resume or profile search capabilities. Salesforce can automate many administrative processes like communication and sharing of candidate information across departments, which will help speed up the whole hiring process.
Once you have people applying to your jobs through Salesforce, you can use certain apps to sort through the resumes, set up screening questions, and even set up notifications for your team to get alerts when people are applying for jobs. These hiring and recruitment apps make the onboarding process easier for your HR team and save time and effort on both sides.

Salesforce for Payroll Service and Managing Payroll Activities

Not only can Salesforce be used to manage HR activities within your organization, but it can also be used to manage the often time-consuming payroll process. Using add-ons from the App Exchange, businesses can find numerous apps that can help with Salesforce pay schedules, taxes, employee direct deposits, hour tracking, and more. Employee profiles can be created within the Salesforce platform to help track personal details, compensation, and vacation and sick time allotments.
Items that can generally be a hassle for businesses, like gathering time sheets for sub-contractors or freelancers and tax documents related to them, can be streamlined using Salesforce and its many apps. There are even options for tracking job details associated with time tracking to keep everything and everyone on the same page.
An app like Sunrise HCM, which is a full-service salesforce payroll app integrated with Salesforce, will reduce the time your payroll department needs to manually make employee payments and help with the accuracy of government reporting. All this saves you time and money so that you can focus more on your business.

Set Up Your Financial Management Through Salesforce

You are better equipped to make strategic decisions for the entire organization when you have real-time access to a consolidated view of the financial data for your business. Your entryway to cross-department data integration is the Salesforce platform, which may help you make strategic decisions and provide the following advantages.
Salesforce unifies the finance and sales teams through seamless client data exchange. It gives them the autonomy to take charge of their own decisions. You may immediately demonstrate the value that expenses add to your organization by consolidating expense spending on the same system that has your customer and revenue data.
Making expenses on Salesforce also frees up finance teams' time from working with spreadsheets and compartmentalized systems, allowing CFOs to make data-driven decisions that support company growth. Additionally, the platform for software-as-a-service may be readily scaled and modified to match your shifting financial management demands.

Key Takeaways

Apps and add-ons for Salesforce can be effective platforms that streamline business processes and help firms manage a variety of tasks. From payroll to recruiting to just about any other business task you can think of, Salesforce has several solutions for you to take advantage of.
Don't think of Salesforce as a CRM platform only. Instead, take advantage of all the tools it offers to create a uniquely built full-service platform ready to handle all your business operation needs.
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