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Sunrise HCM Salesforce Application

Sunrise HCM provides a singular fully integrated end-to-end Salesforce platform service that executives, HR professionals, and employees utilize to effectively manage their Salesforce human capital management. Moreover, business owners will take comfort in knowing that all Human Capital data is contained in the secure Salesforce environment. There are no data exports, imports, or data transformations necessary. The data starts in Salesforce and lives in Salesforce making integrations with other Salesforce platform applications, such as Accounting, a breeze.


  • With a click of a Salesforce button, process payroll on the platform--no export or import of files
  • Pay Calculations--Compliant in all US states / territories
  • Manage Compensation variances
  • Compensation Budget Management & Control
  • Employee and Contractor Compensation Management
  • Recruiting & Onboarding of employees and contractors
  • Global Shift and Schedule Management with Time Zone Management
  • Time & Attendance Management (mobile and desktop)
  • Leave (paid and unpaid) Entitlement Management

The Benefits of the Salesforce Ecosystem

In short, the Salesforce ecosystem refers to all of the other companies, products and partners that exist because Salesforce exists--the apps that plug into Salesforce being one of the components of the ecosystem.

The amazing part about the Salesforce ecosystem is that the more deeply Salesforce becomes entrenched in the business environment, the more robust, stable and far flung the Salesforce ecosystem becomes. In fact, it has been commonly argued that, over time, Salesforce has grown more and more into its role of “keystone species” in the business software ecosystem. (Source: Insight Squared: November 2015).

“More than a suite of sales, marketing, and other customer relationship applications, Salesforce provides the underlying infrastructure for a host of third-party apps and services,” Jason Bloomberg wrote in a recent article for Forbes. “Nobody has ever built an ecosystem bigger or better than Salesforce has.”

In a custom IDC survey of 1,142 cloud-using organizations in 8 countries supporting this study, Salesforce customers said, on average, they have experienced payback from their Salesforce technology investments in 13 months or less. Over four years, aggregate worldwide investments by Salesforce customers in cloud computing should yield 3–5 times the financial benefits compared with costs. (Source: IDC #258001: August 2015).

Sunrise HCM Beach

Key Features Include

Organizational Structure, Jobs, and Positions:
  • Manage organizational reporting and human capital cost structure
  • Define Job Families and Job categorizations (EEO Job Categories, Worker Comp Code)
  • Manage Position requisitions with an understanding of budgetary constraints
  • Manage Position posting, Position Applications, Interviews, and interview scoring
  • Manage HCM Tasks (Onboarding, other custom tasks)
  • Manage HR-Setup calculation settings
Compensation Management:
  • Manage Organizations' Compensation Budgets (Budgeted, Committed, Actuals)
  • Manage Sales Plans and commitments
  • Define Compensation Plans and Grade range structure
  • Manage Compensation and changes. Compensation Commitments auto-update
  • Group employees/contractors by Pay Groups
  • Define Leave Profiles, Rules, Types, Tiers, and Leave Entitlements. Automatic leave accruals, carryover, expirations, and usage
Shift, Schedule, Time and Attendance Management:
  • Manage Shifts, Schedule, and Schedule Days including self-scheduling approvals
  • Manage resources across multiple time zones. Schedule work based on day, time, and total resource hour needs
  • Manage Timesheets and Timecards (desktop and mobile entry, submission, and managerial review)
Salesforce Payroll Management:
  • Automated Pay Calculations (e.g regular, overtime, leave, unpaid, holiday) to comply with federal and state law
  • Manage Employee and contractor online Tax Forms, Form I-9, and direct deposit accounts
  • Manage Payroll Earnings and Deductions (scheduled/recurring and one time)
  • Manage Commission, Variable pay, Expense Reimbursements and other one time Payroll Earnings
  • Run and finalize payroll
  • Direct Deposits and tax payments
  • Employee access to Pay Statements
  • Payroll Actuals update Comp Budgets
  • Full Service Payroll Service Bureau