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Why Sunrise HCM?

  • Disrupting the payroll market by offering full service payroll with absolutely no transaction fees! Unlike legacy payroll providers, Sunrise HCM charges absolutely NO payroll fees.
  • Over 25 years as owner and operator of full service payroll service bureau.
  • Dedicated Sunrise HCM Payroll Operations Representative.
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  • The only Full-Service Payroll, HR, Project & Expense Management, and Billing application on the Salesforce Platform.
  • Single time entry for both payroll and customer project billing purposes.
  • Native Salesforce data allows for quick integration with other business processes on the platform such as accounting.
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  • Sunrise HCM saves customers over 50% in payroll, HR, project management (Professional Services Automation - PSA), and billing costs and over 1000 hours per year in processing time.
  • Sunrise HCM reduces the number of platforms IT departments need to support--a single platform for all of your business automation.
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  • Uses Salesforce security model. Easy to understand and to maintain.
  • Your employees and contractors log in to one platform rather than disparate systems.
  • Protect company from PII audit violations. Sunrise HCM payroll data is readily available directly on the Salesforce Platform--no exporting or importing of data that contains sensitive personnel data, and no data transformations are required.
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Sunrise HCM is the ONLY native Salesforce HRIS for Human Capital Management / HR with full-service payroll, project & expense management, and billing on the Salesforce Platform with absolutely no fees! Sunrise HCM includes:

  • Compensation Management
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Automated onboarding
  • Shift and Schedule Management
  • Time and attendance
  • Processing payroll
  • Project Management & Billing (Professional Services Automation - PSA)
  • Expense Report Management

Sunrise HCM charges NO transaction fees, NO per payroll fees, NO direct deposit fees, NO tax withholding, NO payment processing or tax form filing, and NO fees for W2s and 1099s--absolutely NO fees.

No. Sunrise HCM includes a Salesforce "platform license" giving ALL of your employees and contractors access to the Salesforce Platform without any additional fees paid to Salesforce.

It does not matter what industry you are in because Sunrise HCM is designed to support the HR, payroll, and project & expense management needs of all employees and contractors in your company regardless of industry.

Anyone who is to be paid via Sunrise HCM Full Service Payroll MUST satisfy the following requirements:

  • User has an active Sunrise HCM license
  • Is authorized to work for a US company (employees and contractors)
  • Has a SSN (employees) or TIN/EIN (contractors)
  • Can declare any of the 50 states or US territories as their primary address
  • Is being paid in USD
  • Is paid to a US bank account

Sunrise HCM provides an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Sunrise includes position requisition and applicant tracking in one system that provides real-time tracking and collaboration between HR and the hiring manager from requisition through receiving applications, performing interviews, through extending an offer.

Yes. Sunrise HCM provides an application that allows you to setup task templates and assign individual tasks to various users across the organization to manage the automated collection of new employee data, Form I-9 completion, direct deposit and tax withholding information, IT hardware provisioning and more.

Sunrise HCM provides both a way of entering time via a desktop and via a mobile device. The Daily Time Entry feature of Sunrise HCM allows a mobile device user running the standard Salesforce mobile application to quickly select the Clock In button and Clock Out button each with a single click.

No. Sunrise HCM provides single time entry. Your employees/contractors enter time and, if the schedule is related with an HCM Project, time is calculated for both billing and payroll purposes. You can also manage payroll and customer billing for time using separate cycles (e.g process payroll bi-weekly and process customer project billings weekly).

Yes. Sunrise HCM provides a simple way to request time off by self-scheduling yourself and receive approval directly from your manager via the system.

Yes. Sunrise HCM provides an application where you can create more than one leave profile each with its own set of accrual rates, tiers and accrual period type. Sunrise HCM handles virtually any number of leave management profiles and setup of plug and play rules.

Yes. Sunrise HCM provides an application that provides immediate access to a manager to quickly create a shift differential (applies to all time logged against the shift) or a schedule differential (applies to a subset of employees / contractors who log time against their schedule) and do so without the manager being required to know the hourly compensation dollar amount.

The manager is not required to view/read or know the normal “Hourly Rate” value set on the Compensation record. The manager simply creates a differential with a “Multiplier” that applies to all hours logged against the shift or schedule.

Yes. Sunrise HCM provides an easy to use modular rules based Pay Calculations process and are compliant in all 50 states and US territories. You have direct access to Sunrise HCM Payroll Operations who can provide help with setting up these rules to meet the mandated requirements. In addition, our Payroll Operations Specialists will provide you with guidance should you want to setup more generous rules such as whether you want to pay employees for holiday hours only or holiday hours plus actual time worked on a holiday.

Yes. You may separate out earnings and reimbursements into non-scheduled payrolls. Sunrise HCM provides the flexibility to run separate payrolls for non-regular payments such as employee/contractor expense reimbursements, bonuses, and paid time off. Sunrise even allows you to payout overtime separate from regular payrolls. Process however many payrolls you want all with no transaction fees.

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