Using Salesforce in The Human Resources Department

by Pete DeSio

Posted on October 31, 2022

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Introduction In the human resources department, it is essential to have automated processes that enable effective recruitment, company/employee goal alignment, transparent/centralized data gathering/analysis, managed workflow, etc.
This can be achieved by using Salesforce human resources . There are integrated and specialized Salesforce HR software that simplify the duties of the HR department.

Salesforce and the HR

Recruitment exercise typically involves manually sorting and tracking myriads of applications. This can be quite daunting and time-consuming. However, you can seamlessly manage these otherwise cumbersome processes by using any of the applicant tracking apps (ATS) integrated with the Salesforce sales cloud.
(Note that Salesforce has an official computing marketplace for third-party apps. This is known as AppExchange).
By using an ATS, you can accurately segment job applicants based on the role they are applying for. You can filter applicants based on experience, skill, etc., digitize application paperwork, and keep all applications in a centralized interface for better tracking and analyses.
Salesforce HR platforms (such as the Sunrise HCM) serve as singular, fully integrated end-to-end Salesforce platforms that HR use to effectively manage their salesforce human capital processes.

There are Salesforce HR software that function as a one-stop-shop for recruitment processes. With these software, you can create and publish vacancies, set up applications and email templates, get notifications when applicants who meet certain criteria apply for the job, view applications in real-time, set screening questions, etc.

You can also improve the hiring processes by using resume parser software. These Salesforce HR software automatically glean applicants' details from their resumes; this helps to accelerate the recruitment processes. During the recruitment processes, Salesforce HR platforms (such as the Sunrise HCM) offer instant and affordable salesforce background checks (like motor vehicle records, criminal history, etc). With this, the HR department can know more relevant details about the job applicants.

Also, using hr software salesforce, you can build an employee self-service portal where employees can find answers to their everyday questions. Employees can also request support tickets in cases where they are faced with difficult questions or issues. You can create a chatbox where employees can seamlessly communicate and make necessary inquiries. Also, you can digitize the signature method. This automated process enhances effective support service to employees. There are various Salesforce Hr Solutions employee wellness software you can use to automate and track employees' operations. This helps to determine the employees' compliance with your company's health and safety regulations For effective employee training protocol, you can use any of Salesforce's learning management solution apps to create customized training modules for individual employees.

You can also track each employee's participation in the training using quizzes and assessments. You can verify if an employee has completely watched video training modules. You can also create automated reminders for employees to revisit their training modules. Some Salesforce Hcm software offer automated, self-service vacation and expense management for employees. These software have an automated time tracker. Employees can request vacation or out-of-office time and using automated emails, any such requests can either be allowed or rejected.

This makes it easy for the HR department to effectively manage employee leave, vacations and out-of-office time. The HR department can get a clear overview of employee requests and assess the cost to the company There are also goal management software that enables HR to work with the employees towards meeting the company's goals.


So far, we highlighted how the human resources department can leverage Salesforce for corporate efficiency.
The Salesforce human resources has come to stay. On Salesforce AppExchange, there are both free and paid apps for users. These Salesforce Hrms are boosting corporate productivity and are sure worth it.

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