10 Benefits of Using Salesforce

by Pete DeSio

Posted on Dec 06, 2022

The importance of an all-in-one ecosystem is growing as customer focus and customer-oriented thinking are hot topics. The hub at which all client data converges is an ecosystem. Your ability to comprehend the client holistically will be enhanced by connecting functional areas like customer service, marketing, sales, and account management to this ecosystem. To achieve this, Salesforce provides a range of solutions.

Proactively Manage Customer Relationships

Marketing and customer service teams can equally offer relevant promotions or educational material that supports consumers in making decisions at the right moment by collecting information on their business needs. Learn quickly what is important to your clients, such as their objectives, difficulties, and preferences, and have personalized recommendations provided to them automatically.

Reduction of Overall Cost of Sales

You might be able to offset the expenses of obtaining new consumers by making sales to your current clientele. You may build on the trust you've already gained to produce repeat business by gaining greater knowledge of your client portfolio's upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities.

Improvement of Productivity of Employees

By implementing the appropriate technology, you can relieve your teams of process-intensive duties and allow them more time to interact with clients. Your staff will have more time to talk to potential clients and build relationships with current ones thanks to sales, service, and marketing automation, which will help your company grow.

Integrated With a Wide Variety of Applications on AppExchange

The ecosystem of Salesforce also includes programs that you can buy through AppExchange. A significant advantage over other vendors is that you can work with integrated tooling from a single provider. AppExchange offers various apps to assist you with your business processes like recruitment, sales, marketing, finance, etc. These AppExchange apps usually come from developers who specialize in their respective subjects. One such useful Salesforce Payroll App on the AppExchange is Sunrise HCM, a payroll application. Sunrise HCM is the only payroll and HR Salesforce application that has automated full-service payroll with their Salesforce Payroll Integration. It can process pay calculations, direct employee deposits, taxes, and more for all your employees.

Offers Standard API Links

There are numerous standalone programs that you can connect to and numerous AppExchange apps that you can instantly integrate into your Salesforce environment. The fact that so many vendors provide standard API access on Salesforce, the largest web-based platform, is its main advantage.

Provides Time Management Tools

You automatically benefit from effective time management when you have complete customer information and a variety of planning tools at your disposal. You have all the information you need to priorities work for your clients so that you can categorize projects for additional accounts using the same standards. Additionally, you might optimize the utilization of your daily, weekly, monthly, or annual schedule by using the built-in calendar features.

Ability to Sync Data From Varying Sources

Is using additional applications like G Suite and MailChimp, a standard for your company? If so, Salesforce can easily include the data from such apps. The hassle of switching to a different software is eliminated when everything is in one location.

Robust Data Analytic Tools

Utilize data analytics to compare the outcomes of your marketing efforts and sales techniques and to comprehend the issues that your clients are facing. The most popular page on your website, the best-selling item, contact information for your company, and other regular changes are also highlighted in Salesforce. You can gather information and appropriately process it using Salesforce's dashboards and reporting toolset.

Efficiency Manages Your Customer Pipeline

Its effective pipeline management is Salesforce's most popular feature. A lead is only half the battle won. The second half involves directing them through the sales process toward complete engagement. Your team can accurately identify a lead's stage in the channel, thanks to Salesforce. A lead pipeline review aids them in choosing the following steps to nurture that prospect. Sales personnel can prioritize the continuing lead engagements while closing leads more quickly.

Can Be Used as a Human Capital Management System

Although Salesforce was created as CRM software, they have also created an environment that can be used as an HCM. Businesses can manage their employees' information and records and connect various salesforce HR apps for payroll, hiring, and other employee management activities.

Final Thoughts

Salesforce is an excellent platform that offers fantastic prospects for companies of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to its features and practical solutions catered to every company area, Salesforce has unquestionably emerged as a market leader in the SaaS sector.
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